About Us

SUMINISTROS PLAZA S.L. Company founded in 1982 that is dedicated to the sale and supplies of office and computer equipment and furniture, declares in terms of QUALITY and as the company's line of action and strategy that:


  • It is a primary objective for SUMINISTROS PLAZA S.L. perform a service focused on identifying and satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, knowing their needs and problems, defining their requirements and thus assuming a commitment to continuous improvement, as well as complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our company, from so that this policy is the frame of reference to establish our objectives.

  • To achieve our objectives and maintain a Quality commitment, SUMINISTROS PLAZA S.L. intends to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of our services and products, being the responsibility of all company personnel to prevent, control and correct the appearance of non-conforming situations.

Consequently, we have established a series of basic principles that we describe below:

  • Establish as a priority the constant search for products that meet the expectations of our customers, contribute to the environmental social commitment, and allow us to remain at the forefront of the sector, as well as the permanent verification that the provision of our services meets their demands and expectations.
  • To be able to offer a comprehensive service in all the aspects that a company requires, covering all the needs of our clients, from office supplies, to computer products such as consumables, hardware, software, furniture or office assembly.
  • Try to maintain our service quality standard based on a 24-hour delivery period, through highly qualified and trained personnel, in addition to having the necessary means and infrastructure.
  • Guide the organization and control towards the reduction, elimination and prevention of deficiencies in quality. Contribute to the improvement of the yields, productivity, and profitability of the processes, products and services.
  • Carry out the implementation, monitoring and control of the corrective and preventive actions necessary for the elimination and prevention of non-conformities and customer complaints.
  • Continuously improve to achieve greater efficiency in the management of the company, where the Management implements, maintains and reviews the QMS, in addition to establishing the objectives in accordance with this policy.
  • Establish as a priority the criteria for the safety of people and property, the prevention of occupational risks and occupational health.
  • Keep all documents controlled by the implementation of the Quality Management System.

For practical implementation and effective monitoring of all of the above, the Quality Management System will be reviewed annually and will also be monitored, modifying the specific objectives according to new needs.